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We love natural products. We don’t use nasty chemicals.

We help defy the ageing process and increase vitality.

We treat many different skin conditions and maintain your skin to be at its best.

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Michelle Beaumont - Nu Skin for anti ageing and skin care

Michelle Beaumont

NuSkin Independent Distributor
Founder of New You


“Love the skin you’re in”

From butcher’s child to vegetarian, Victorian to Queenslander, bouncing babies to bankruptcy, toxicity to a reconnection with nature, employee to business owner – Michelle has been there done that and is relishing her most recent incarnation.

With unblemished, radiant skin, and an infectious positivity, she defies her age (and the fact that she’s a grandmother!), but she’s not shy to tell you it wasn’t always this way.

Growing up amongst elderly relatives she became keenly aware of the effects of age, both on the body and mind. Being around illness is not easy for anyone, least of all when you’re young and invincible. Not surprisingly, longevity – with health – is one of her greatest passions.

Whilst she was fed a simple but nutritious diet, the effects of household chemicals and toxins was not fully understood. But as she struggled with her own skin condition, and the skin and gut issues affecting her children, she began her quest to find out more about natural alternatives for both inside and outside the body.

An unlikely but serendipitous friendship with an older female colleague enlightened Michelle to a world she never knew existed. Her eyes had been opened, her curiosity piqued, and her pathway forever altered. As a result her mission has become to help others gain a better understanding of who they are and what impact they have on the world through their choices.

From hardware to supermarkets, cleaning to bookkeeping, it may appear that Michelle has simply stumbled upon her skin care business, but the truth of the matter is that it chose her. A fortuitous viewing of a skincare product excited her beyond the perceived results for herself. She suspected – and then knew for sure – that she had finally found the avenue that would allow her to do what she is meant to be doing: and that is nurturing her clients to better health, both inside and out.