Becoming The Person You Want To Be

This is inspired by the beginning of the new year, my goals and looking towards a bright 2017.  I do like to write, but I don’t usually publish them.  Here’s to starting 2017 with a BANG!

Reaching out from within, becoming the person you want to be.

No more hiding behind the facade,
it’s time to take a peak and drop the screen you hide behind,
you have come so far to not.

Be who you want to be, you can do it,
just let go of everything that has held you back for so long,
let go of all the little things!

You are a beautiful bud waiting to blossom,
you’ve just started to push through all the obstacles to see the world as it is,
you have the sun, it is giving you all the love you need,
you just need to allow yourself to shine,
you’re nearly there, you can do it, just a little more.

Open yourself to the world and let your petals bloom.
Wow, you made it out!
How beautiful you look!
What an awesome colour you are!

How does it feel to be at your peak?
To shine for the world to see you are so amazing.

Yellow Rose

You can do anything now,
just remember you are worth everything that comes your way,
you are loved,
you are strong,
you are beautiful!

– Michelle Beaumont, January 2017

Best wishes of the new year to you all! May we break through all obstacles to realise our goals in 2017.


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